Renaissance elegance
The collection Cinquecento is a unique project, which originated through the collaboration of Arthesi and Raffaello Galiotto. This project, with majestic elegance, celebrates five hundred years from the birth of Andrea Palladio, the famous master of Renaissance architecture from Vicenza. The Cinquecento collection reproposes the aesthetic standards outlined in his original drawings by Palladio, especially with regard to the marble components, such as the work surface, table legs and the traditional sideboard, the madia. The bars of stainless steel, polished to achieve a mirror effect, fixed to the vertical edges of the doors, are another prestigious detail, distinctive of this model. The Cinquecento kitchen is available with or without base, in many finishes and variants.


The creation of the Cinquecento kitchen is a process that needs a lot of care, attention and time.
The balance in the seasoning of wood, the processing of small batches of steel and
the particular processing of marble, require great precision in all the work phases.
A slow process, which brings to completion a masterpiece of Italian mastery.



Cinquecento Concept Book.


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