The Dorian collection is an orchestration of skillfully crafted materials. The protagonists of the design are wood, marble, leather, metal that are merged and create a tribute to esthetics and beauty. The collection is made up by an island and two kitchen cupboards, a supporting one with a work area and one with household appliances. The table and chairs complete the composition. The chairs and the backs of the kitchen cupboards are decorated with precious velvet, the external part of the cupboards is made of diagonally veneered eco-ebony, a fine wood on which an important full brass handle is inserted with gold finishings. The shutters of the island are covered in sand color leather hemmed with stainless steel bars with gold finishes. The Dorian collection is entirely customizable and tailor made, both in the sizes and in the materials and it represents the maximum expression of luxury in the tailor made kitchen world.




Dorian Concept Book.


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