Tessa Gelisio

TV presenter, blogger and journalist

I spend loads of time in my kitchen, both for professional reasons and because I love cooking: for me, it’s the most important room in the house! It’s a place for experimenting, creating new dishes, relaxing, socialising and tasting. This is why I found my “old” kitchen rather limiting…So I decided to turn to Arthesi to revolutionise it, and make it more suitable for my needs and style: the result was way beyond my expectations! I discovered extra space that I never thought I had - everything was at arm’s reach and far more organized, in a beautiful, high-quality kitchen. I experienced the quality and good taste that only fantastic Italian companies can give. On the international market, companies like Arthesi are the real flagships of the Made in Italy brand – beauty, design, technological innovation, and social and environmental sustainability. These companies make one proud to be Italian, especially in the kitchen!

Anna Valle


I came across Arthesi through the architect who helped my husband and I to design the kitchen in our country house. The thing which amazed me was that even the first time we met, and before we had spoken to each other, Erika, the person who followed the whole project, already had an idea of the colour scheme for the kitchen in question which was just the way I had imagined it. So right from that first meeting I understood that we would get on perfectly…. So much so that after finishing this first kitchen I asked Arthesi to do the kitchen in our house in Rome! I always expected a precise time line and they always managed to respect our deadlines, even when they had to deliver two days before Christmas… But at the same time, nothing was taken for granted or done hurriedly; everything was organised to satisfy my needs, and my desire to have a quality product, with an attention to detail that made my kitchen totally unique and personal!!!

Marco Zanchi

soccer player

I came in with my wife for simple curiosity and I discovered an important institution ofVicenza!Erika has been a wonderful hostess: she made us feel immediately at ease guiding us inthe final choice of the kitchen. We had few ideas and mostly confused but herdetermination, expertise and professionalism turned this creation into a pleasant and funtrip that allowed us to know even more about the Arthesi world. Meeting the demands ofmy wife and my three children was not easy but the end result has literally amazed usgoing beyond all expectations.Thanks Erika, thanks to Arthesi!

Andrea Moro


For an architect, working with the skills of Arthesi means being sure to reach the desiredresult: that of a unique kitchen, tailor-made for your customer. The craftsmanshipexperience, the contribution of its designers and the sophistication of the availablematerials, make it possible to obtain an exclusive product, with a precious passion fordetail. A taste for beauty that leads to the creation of kitchens that are admired for thepersonality and the prestige they give to the house.

Franco C.


Who enters the showroom will find quality, professionalism and kindness, these are the best credentials of Arthesi. The relationship between the quality and the price paid satisfies the choice made. We'll be back!

Paolo G.


Availability, courtesy, competence, professionalism, attention to detail. Mr. Mioli immediately understood our tastes and designed the most beautiful and appropriate solution for our spaces. Absolutely satisfied and the kitchen is admired by all those who come to visit us.

Alberto D.


Always available and very professional. Arthesi proved to be an excellent interlocutor, attentive to our requests, purposeful and convenient in prices. The timing for the assembly was respected and the work was done in an excellent way. We could not have asked for anything better. I highly recommend it to those who want a lasting and refined cuisine, tailored to the customer.

Nicola S.


Arthesi: a company able to take care of every customer's need in the design and quality and precision of the proposed product; with satisfaction I turned to them for my made-to-measure kitchen and the result was excellent; a few years later I wanted to make changes and additions and managed to overturn the kitchen demonstrating extreme availability. Recommended!