2.0 About Us

Experts in kitchens, the story of a family vocation for excellence

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” Aristotle

Arthesi is a group of designers, artisans and engineers who have been creating bespoke kitchens and furniture ever since Gianfranco Mioli founded the company in 1979. Arthesi’s roots lie in the Chiampo Valley, where for centuries the best marble experts in the world have worked. With the founding of the company, a journey of excellence began in Vicenza, home to art, culture and beauty for millennia, which has taken Arthesi creations to many countries around the world.

In 2008 the Arthesi brand was created, the maximum expression of thirty years of experience and knowhow. Each kitchen created is the synthesis of a constant quest for perfection and the balance between exclusive materials, craftsmanship and bespoke engineering. At Arthesi, every component is custom designed, combining aesthetics and functionality to create a kitchen whose every detail is a true reflection of the customer.

Today, the Mioli family remains at the helm of the company, and the new generation leads the brand as it faces new challenges and confirms its position in the international panorama of high-end custom-made kitchens.

2.1 Vision

A rebellious philosophy

“Day by day, what you choose, what you think and what you do is who you become.” Heraclitus

Time constantly rearranges the elements, creating new forms and new materials. Only time reveals which of these withstand its passing, but nothing emerges unscathed. Everything changes constantly.

In an increasingly fast and frantic world, Arthesi has chosen the tempo of quality. Our production philosophy is not haste but excellence. Only in this way can we create kitchens that accompany our customers throughout their lives and are often handed down to future generations. At the heart of Arthesi’s philosophy is the excellence of our carpenters, whose immaculate work is a celebration of slowness.

The traditions of the past are a store of wisdom which enables us to remain lucid and consistent, even when the dynamics of the productive world invite haste. While many have prioritised speed and quantity, Arthesi chooses precision and quality. In this way, time becomes an ally of Arthesi’s approach. We choose materials which improve with age, revealing themselves in new and beautiful forms. These materials are placed in the patient hands of carpenters who know how to wait for the perfect moment, when elements come together and achieve harmony.

An Arthesi kitchen aims to tell its owner’s story as it ages, in materials whose beauty is ever-changing. Beauty that’s designed to be passed on.