4.3 Duchessa

A secret to unveil

The Duchessa kitchen is inspired by the idea of transformation and unveiling. Its understated, elegant aesthetics conceal exquisite materials and complex technical solutions. The kitchen wall units allow space for a storage concept developed by Arthesi: the Boiserie Abitabile®. The Boiserie conceals spaces for storage and housing for appliances and utensils. The use of precious materials and finishes enhances the look and feel of the kitchen. Duchessa offers solutions that combine aesthetics and functionality, such as the rounded solid wood that eliminates the need for the handles. Also without handles, the Boiserie Abitabile® opens by means of a horizontal recess, and is finished in the same way as the kitchen, ensuring the harmony of the whole. The worktop is made in quartz agglomerate with a classic processing that optimises the ergonomics of the doors for improved grip.


Boiserie Abitabile ®

Boiserie Abitabile ® is a new design concept developed by Arthesi. It combines the aesthetics of boiserie with the functionality of wall units to optimise storage capacity. Space is organised according to the customer’s needs, and customised with gorgeous materials and beautiful coloured coverings.


Erasmo is a dresser concealed behind two fully retractable doors. Erasmo is a small homage to folly; a way of seeing beauty that does not fall within the realm of pure rationality, but finds inspiration in dreams and magic. The structure of Erasmo is the interlocking and harmonisation of different elements – wine rack, oven, fridge – chosen individually by each customer.

Tailor Made Projects Collections

From our collections and collaborations with designers and architects, we bring you our Tailor Made bespoke models. Each element is tailor made for the customer’s individual kitchen.