4.4 Elegant

The Elegant collection represents Arthesi’s constant research to redefine the concept of elegance in the kitchen. Aesthetics with attention to the smallest details is combined with the preciousness of the materials and the development of ad hoc functional solutions. At the heart of each project is the creation of a harmonious environment that is perfectly integrated into the living environment.



The Elegant collection includes a table characterised by a granite insert and a particular Canaletto Walnut finish.


The peninsula stands out for the singular crafting of the doors, which are handmade by cabinetmakers. Each door has a raised central section, a detail embellished by Canaletto Walnut worked in “cathedral style”.


The boiserie completes the kitchen, harmonising it with the rest of the house. Entirely customisable, it is designed to contain everything you need, concealed behind an elegant facade.

Tailor Made Projects Collections

From our collections and collaborations with designers and architects, we bring you our Tailor Made bespoke models. Each element is tailor made for the customer’s individual kitchen.