4.2 Cinquecento

Inspired by the Master

The Cinquecento kitchen is a unique project arising from Arthesi’s collaboration with designer Raffaello Galiotto. It is a tribute to Andrea Palladio, a prominent Renaissance architect born in Vicenza, to mark the five hundredth anniversary of his birth. The kitchen is inspired by aesthetic canons taken directly from Palladio’s original designs, resulting in a room that combines timeless beauty with the most advanced technologies. The balance between materials – wood, marble and steel – creates a space which is welcoming and refined. The stylistic quality of Palladio’s work is celebrated in the moulding of marble elements such as the worktop and legs, made by the heirs to the tradition of sculpting marble. An homage to the local roots that continue to inspire new beauty today.


The Cinquecento collection comes in two variants:


The Cinquecento version consists of individual elements which are independent and easy to use.

Cinquecento S

The Cinquecento S goes beyond the concept of modularity and is the quintessence of adaptability to the setting. It also allows compact solutions to be designed for smaller spaces.

The two versions differ in that the Cinquecento S features a base and a groove, available in different finishes.


In the Cinquecento collection, the elements are composed and customised to the customer’s specifications.


The Cinquecento Island, with its elegant, harmonious lines, is made with Canaletto Walnut doors and topped with moulded Nero Marquinia marble, nine centimetres thick, which houses the stove and sinks. The sinks are sculpted in the same block as the worktop. The sides of the doors are edged with mirror-polished stainless steel bars.

The dresser

The dresser is clad in Canaletto Walnut and completed with Marquinia marble legs. The entire structure is contained in an RV3 Palladio marble cladding, finished by an automated machine process which gives a fabric-like effect.

The table

The table incorporates the materials and aesthetics of the collection and is in turn customisable with a range of materials and finishes.

The motorised co-planar unit

The motorised co-planar unit fits perfectly within the Cinquecento collection. The Canaletto Walnut sliding doors conceal generous spaces for appliances and large drawers for storing cooking equipment and crockery. The stainless steel handles are designed for maximum functionality and to integrate with the kitchen units.

Tailor Made Projects Collections

From our collections and collaborations with designers and architects, we bring you our Tailor Made bespoke models. Each element is tailor made for the customer’s individual kitchen.