5.1 Private

I am a private individual looking for a reliable company to design and furnish my new home or to renovate it. I am looking for a company that can create every home environment based on my personal needs and rigorously tailor-made.

At Arthesi, people are the fulcrum of the domestic space. Each project starts from listening and understanding the needs, desires and expectations of the client. A single project manager, supported by a team of professionals chosen from time to time, accompanies the client step by step, from the project to maintenance over the years. Arthesi is able to offer a holistic approach to domestic environments by combining the best solutions in terms of aesthetics, functionality and durability, with maximum transparency on both implementation times and related costs.

Tailor Made Projects Studio

Arthesi’s profound knowledge of the ergonomics and balance of a domestic environment allows it to develop housing solutions suitable for both daily life and special occasions.