4.1 Dorian

A tribute to materials

Dorian encapsulates the most exquisite craftsmanship applied to superb materials. Wood, marble, leather and metal are worked and balanced to create a refined kitchen with timeless aesthetics. In the Dorian collection the merits of different craft traditions come together to create a sophisticated homage to beauty and Italianness. A tribute that could only happen here, in a region where ancient knowhow has been handed down for centuries. The collection consists of an island and two units: one designed to accommodate the work area, the other to house the appliances. The table and chairs complete a collection in which each element interacts with the others to create a unique and dynamic balance of aesthetics and functionality. A kitchen whose functional elements are concealed, allowing the aesthetics to shine through. The Dorian collection can be customised to the client’s specifications, to perfectly suit the space that will accommodate it. The wide range of finishes and materials allows owners to express their tastes and fulfil their kitchen needs. Dorian’s refined details and exquisite materials make it one of the most sought-after collections in the world of luxury bespoke kitchens. Dorian’s strong aesthetic identity is entirely based on the customer’s tastes and the characteristics of the setting.


The Dorian collection consists of three main elements: an island, a dresser and another unit for household appliances. Each element is made to measure in a range of finishes and materials.

Dorian Island

The Dorian Island is the focal point of the kitchen and the synthesis of its characteristic elements. The skilful play between elegant shapes and beautiful materials gives the impression of a sculpture. The functional elements are concealed beneath marble, leather and wood surfaces. Unusually, the hob and sinks are housed in the top of the unit, while the doors are covered in sand-coloured leather and edged with stainless steel bars in a gold finish.

Pràxis dresser

Our Pràxis dresser is designed to contain all the items used in the kitchen, while optimising space. Its surprising capacity features a large worktop in Canaletto Walnut, a wine rack, shelves, drawers and glass holders. The back folds down and hides an additional laminated wood surface, suitable for working. Next to this there is room for additional elements such as knife holders and shelves. The Ebony Green doors are veneered diagonally to emphasise the wood grain, and inside there are practical storage compartments. The gorgeous wood frames a large inset brass handle with a gold finish, while the back of the unit is covered in exquisite patterned velvet. Its elegant aesthetic allows this unit to be at home in any setting.

Téchne unit

Tèchne is a customisable unit designed to house all the appliances in a single element. Inside there is space for a fridge, a freezer and an oven. The unit comes with Ebony Green doors, leather-clad pillars with marble inserts and inset brass handles with a gold finish. The back of the unit is covered in exquisite patterned velvet.


Table and chairs

The Dorian collection is completed by an oval Ebony Green wooden table with a central marble insert and Canaletto Walnut chairs. The comfortable padding of the chairs is upholstered in velvet, while a gold finish has been used for the armrests.