3.0 Kitchens

The kitchen as an extension of the person

Thousands of years may have passed, but every Arthesi kitchen evokes the archetype of the domestic hearth. The nerve centre of the home, a place for coming together and sharing the most honest of pleasures. Each project revolves around the customer and takes the form of an organic extension of the person; their story, their needs, their vision and their forms of expression.

Every kitchen is the result of two opposite yet complementary forces: on the one hand, maximum freedom of expression in design and top-quality materials, and on the other, a set of structured rules governing functionality.

A tailor-made process leading to a unique and personal result for a sophisticated, exacting clientele who seek a kitchen that is an extension of themselves. Arthesi’s signature lies in the harmony between kitchen, living environment and the people who inhabit it.

3.1 Design

An ecosystem in balance

Every kitchen is the meeting point of many elements. As in any ecosystem, the total exceeds the sum of the parts, creating a balance in which the elements interact to produce compositional and aesthetic harmony.

Our designers turn the customer’s desires into concrete solutions in which materials are enhanced in a variety of forms that combine long-standing Italian tradition with the newness of contemporary design.

In its shapes and materials, an Arthesi kitchen tells the story of the person it was designed for.

3.2 Processes

Engineering, feasibility and customisation

The design phase is followed by the engineering process. Our craftsmen and designers are artists when it comes to designing all the technical and functional solutions that turn an idea into a kitchen.

Aesthetics is translated into functionality through a complex process of bespoke engineering. Each element is designed to harmonise with the others and to guarantee maximum performance and durability with use and over time, without compromising on aesthetic choices.

During this phase, we use the checks we have developed over decades of experience to:

  • Evaluate all the implications of the project.
  • Ensure feasibility and the end result, in accordance with the customer’s wishes.

Each design is developed to meet the real needs of the customer, often resulting in technical solutions that are impossible to replicate.

Prior to delivery, every Arthesi kitchen is pre-assembled and tested to guarantee the highest quality standards.

To ensure Arthesi kitchens stand the test of time, we guarantee the replacement of every component, from 1979 to the present day, and provide a maintenance service by our specialist team.

3.3 Materials and Expertise

Made in Italy promotes the best materials from around the world

Made in Italy promotes the best materials from around the world One of Arthesi’s strengths is its place in the productive ecosystem of the Veneto region, making its products truly Made in Italy. This link with our region and the artisan excellence that still exists here is evidence that the past continues to be a reservoir of unparalleled quality, thanks to the coming together of different artisan traditions.

Our choice has always been to work with local craftsmen, without whom it would be impossible to offer the quality that distinguishes Arthesi kitchens. These workers are highly skilled cabinetmakers, who have a deep knowledge of the materials, their characteristics and processes. Quality takes its time: it’s patient, and listens to the rhythms, temperatures, and pace of the wood. From these skilled hands come items of furniture that showcase the very best of Made in Italy.

Our craftsmen allow us to face the challenges brought by our quest for new solutions; from materials to processes, innovation and tradition combine.

Arthesi’s signature lies here, in the hands of the people who shape the material.