4.0 Collections

Our guiding stars

Over the years Arthesi has developed models which, like the Pole Star, help our customers to find their way. Each kitchen starts from a model and is then adapted to meet the customer’s needs. The customer chooses the degree of customisation required to make their kitchen unique.

4.1 Dorian

Dorian encapsulates the most exquisite craftsmanship applied to superb materials. Wood, marble, leather and metal are worked and balanced to create a refined kitchen with timeless aesthetics.

4.2 Cinquecento

The Cinquecento kitchen is a unique project arising from Arthesi’s collaboration with designer Raffaello Galiotto. It is a tribute to Andrea Palladio, a prominent Renaissance architect born in Vicenza, to mark the five hundredth anniversary of his birth.

4.3 Duchessa

The Duchessa kitchen is inspired by the idea of transformation and unveiling. Its understated, elegant aesthetics conceal exquisite materials and complex technical solutions.

4.4 Elegant

The Elegant collection represents Arthesi’s constant research to redefine the concept of elegance in the kitchen. Aesthetics with attention to the smallest details is combined with the preciousness of the materials and the development of ad hoc functional solutions.

4.5 Victoria

The Victoria collection takes its name from the first ship to circumnavigate the globe and stands out for its independence from stereotypes. This new collection expresses, with its unique style, Arthesi’s tradition of creating kitchens that take the possibilities of customisation to a maximum, as in the Signature creations.

4.6 Imago

Imago, the new compact concealed kitchen concept that shows Arthesi‘s ability to combine aesthetics and functionality, enhancing spaces. This new proposal stems from the desire to create a kitchen suitable for small living spaces, where the need to contain volumes meets the desire for a sophisticated aesthetic.