4.6 Imago

Imago: vanish like a ghost, appear like a mirage

Imago, the new compact concealed kitchen concept that shows Arthesi‘s ability to combine aesthetics and functionality, enhancing spaces. This new proposal stems from the desire to create a kitchen suitable for small living spaces, where the need to contain volumes meets the desire for a sophisticated aesthetic. Imago Basic is a kitchen that contains in 2.80 meters everything needed for cooking. Thanks to the door system, a single gesture is enough to conceal the kitchen and give a wider space to the environment in which it is inserted, radically changing its aesthetics. The hallucinatory sense of seeing a kitchen appear where before there was only one wall, like the mirage of an oasis in the desert. What did ‘imago’ mean in Latin? It was the image, but also the ghost, the dream, the concept, the appearance, the memory, the reflection, the comparison, the allegory, the hallucination.

A concentrate of functionality enclosed in a small space combined with the refined aesthetics of the canneté doors from the Victoria collection.